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Hello. I am Joad, a 3D artist. I am currently located in Edinburgh, but grew up and worked in Canada for many years. I have loved architecture and design since a young age, as well as the world of computer graphics. I attended film school in Vancouver, where I studied VFX, while discovering more about 3D visualisation in the free time I had after classes. 

I create photo-realistic renders and pride myself on the variety of my work. I am always eager to learn new skills are create unique work. 

I’ve worked on a variety of projects, from residential homes, to restaurants and luxury accommodation. I work for interior designers, real estate agents, builders and private home owners to visualise their projects for planning and marketing.

what I do

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Photography is a hobby that has helped me greatly to understand lighting and composition, which complement my skills as a 3D artist well and get me away from the computer.

I’ve also recently discovered the exciting process of photogrammetry and have been working to refine and improve my process.