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Porsche Singer 911 black render far

Singer 911

When I found this incredible car model by Szymon Kubicki, I knew I wanted to do another automotive render. I decided to move away from a car in motion and approach it like a studio photo shoot. I gathered reference of different garages and workshops, then settled on creating a tiled workshop, which made for...

Land Rover Defender V8 Works render Isle of Skye Scotland

Land Rover Defender

I often I see a photo and want to use it as inspiration for a render. I have always loved the roads on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, which is what I used for reference in this image. This Land Rover Defender is my favourite shape and colour combination, so I knew it was...

Red BMW M2 render driving down wet road at high speed


This was one of my first attempts at automotive rendering in Corona. I went through many iterations for the background before settling on this road and forest. I love the Sunset Orange colour for the BMW M2 Competition and how it stands out from the environment. It took a lot of test renders while looking at dozens...

Seen Through Glass Porsche 911 Carerra off road driving Australia

Porsche 911 Carrera S

I created this render based on a custom off-road Porsche 911 owned by Sam of SeenThroughGlass. The biggest challenge was how to add dust to the car and have a trail of dust behind. I used layered materials in Corona to add dust on top of the surface, as well as ambient occlusion masks to...